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Day trips from Visby, Strand Hotel

ID GD4 | Gotland



With bus and bike around Gotland. For you who want to discover Gotland in a comfortable way. You stay at the same hotel all nights and make day-trips.

Start Days

All days


5 accommodations in hotel, 5 breakfasts, 4 lunch-parcels, bike incl. pannier (from 8 years), Bus Visby-Fårö-Visby, Bus Visby-Klintehamn-Visby, map, route description, cool-bag

Package description

Day 1                                                
Just outside the Visby Ring Wall from the 11th century, the hotel "Best Western Strand Hotel" is situated. You'll find the hotel at Strandgatan in the middle of the old Hansa town. After checking-in, you can take a look around town.  Perhaps you'll find a cosy restaurant where you want to enjoy your evening meal. Good luck! 

Day 2 (40 km)     Visby-Lummelunda Caves-Visby
After a good night's sleep and a nice breakfast the adventure starts. Don't forget your lunch-parcel in the reception. On your way out of town you'll pass the Almedalen Park where the politicians meet one week each Summer. Then you'll bike out of town and north along the sea and after 1.5 hours you will reach theLummelunda Cave  and it's time eating your lunch-parcel. There are guided tours around the cave every hour that are very interesting as you will travel 400 millions years back in time. There are also a big water wheel and other old buildings.  On your way back to Visby, we recommend a visit at Krysmyntagården - a herb-garden with a shop and a café, where you can take a break and relax for a while. Back in Visby you might enjoy the evening with dinner in an open-air restaurant and watch the night-life. 

Day 3 (Bus + biking on Fårö)    Visby - Fårö
After breakfast at the hotel, you must take not forget to take your lunch-parcel with you before you leave for Fårö. The bus-rides are regular and take about 1 hour. You can stay there as long as you like and then take the bus back to Visby.

Day 4 (40 km)  Visby-Tofta Strand-Visby
After a good night's sleep and a nice breakfast, you today will bike south towards to Tofta strand - a beautiful beach that invites to bathing and playing. You will bike along the sea and on your way you'll pass Kneippbyn, a play-and bathe-land for younger kids and an adventure golf-course for both young and old to enjoy. Along the way there are sheep on the road! Tofta Strand has wonderful bathing on its beautifully long beach to enjoy the rest of the day and in the evening you return to Visby.

Day 5 (Bus)      Visby – Stora Karlsö-Visby
After breakfast at the hotel you bring your lunch-parcel with you and take the bus (according to the timetable) to the boat that departures from the harbour in Klintehamn. The boat-ride takes about 45 min. The island of Stora Karlsö is an unforgivable experience of nature with rare flowers and many kinds of birds in a unique scenery paired with its great stillness. Later in the afternoon the boat takes you back to Klintehamn and you ride back to Visby by bus. The tickets to Stora Karlsö you have to book and pay for yourself. To book the boat please call on 0498-24 04 50.

Day 6
We hope you've got a tasteful breakfast and did have a lovely stay in Gotland. While you're waiting for your ferry home, you'll probably get time shopping in the stores.


Seasons Adult 8–12 years 2–7 years
Summer 2015
1 May – 30 Sep
7500 SEK 6900 SEK 3100 SEK
Summer 2017
1 May – 31 Aug
7500 SEK 6900 SEK 3100 SEK


10% discount if you make a reservation before 2016-12-24.

Addons Price
Single room addition 3700 SEK
Extra night single room 1650 SEK
Extra night part in double room 975 SEK
Cancellation insurance 200 SEK

Gotland is Swedens biggest Island (3140 km ²) with almost 800 km coast. The history goes way back in time as you can see in Visby with it's cobbled streets and ruins of churches. The island is flat and you see the coust fairly often. With ca:2000 hours of sun and lovely beaches Gotland is an excellent tourist destination even for you who's not interestad in culture and history.



If you wish to stay an extra night in Visby you just have to book.

Book the ferry at Destination Gotland, Tel. 0771-22 33 00