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Five things that await along the Göta canal

Are you looking forward to a memorable vacation? An active holiday in nature with time for recovery and a break from everyday life? Then maybe a cycling holiday along the Göta canal could be something for you! Here the boats glide along at 5 knots while you enjoy the calm and the strikingly beautiful surroundings. Today we have listed five […]

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With a bowl of porridge in my lap, I hear the rain pattering against the window and the paltry plus degrees reinforce the feeling that we are still in the harsh grip of winter. But, in the silence that almost feels a little holy when the child is sleeping, something is suddenly heard - a little spring bird calls out hello outside the window! Looking out I […]

Dalarna – more than just wooden horses

A landscape with everything from fertile land and lakes in the south to mountains and rapids in the north - the only thing missing to be a complete 'Sweden in miniature' is a bit of coastal scenery. But do you miss it? No, Dalarna offers so much that it's enough and it's over. The Dalarna landscape, which on the surface is [...]