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Historic trip to Läckö Castle, Göta Canal & Karlsborg Fortress

By car and bicycle to three of Sweden's most visited destinations!
The places to visit are Läckö Castle which is located on Kållandsö in Lidköping, Göta Canal Sweden's largest building and Karlsborg's fortress located on Vanäs cape in Vättern. Karlsborg Fortress is one of Sweden's largest and best preserved fortresses. Experience the Göta Canal by bike and car to Läckö Castle and Karlsborg Fortress. There is a lot to see and experience here. Enjoy historical stories, wonderful nature experiences and total relaxation. The experiences will be many and memorable. You drive between the attractions and live at Pensionat Prästgården in Töreboda and at Hotell Wettern in Karlsborg.

Mondays - Sundays
June 14 - August 14

From 7100 SEK

Package travel in Sweden

Experience packages have ready-made packages for holidays with some of the most visited destinations in Sweden. Take a tour by car along the Göta Canal and stay in beautiful guest houses, castles and mansions. Eat delicious dinners at specially selected restaurants and enjoy fantastic nature and cultural experiences. Package travel in Sweden is for you who want to discover new parts of our elongated country.