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Dressing & Cycling along the Göta Canal

A fun and adventurous family package!
Here you can combine a cycling holiday on the Göta Kanal with an adventurous day with railbike on the old embankment along the Gullspång River. Experience beautiful nature and completely wonderful car-free cycle paths along the Göta Canal and end with a full day along the rails on the dressage.

Monday – Sunday
May – October

From 4850 SEK

Cycle dressin with overnight stay

Cycling dressage is suitable for everyone, whether you are old or young. In our dressage package, we offer riding between Töreboda and Gullspång, which runs on the old embankment along the Gullspång River. On our dressings, you go in pairs where one steps and the other sits on a bench next to the dressage.

Along the embankment, there are great opportunities for swimming and grilling for those who want while you go through different communities. Among other things, Skagersvik where on the other side of the bay you can glimpse Ribbingsfors Herrgård where the author Frans G Bengtsson lived the last part of his life. Along the dressage track, there are also plenty of geocaches for those who are interested.

During the trip you will spend the night at a cozy B&B in Töreboda where dinner is served at a nearby restaurant. With our package, you first get to cycle and experience the beautiful nature along Göta kanal and then cycle the dressage along the Gullspångsälven river.

During the trip you get a packed lunch that you can enjoy when you feel like it, why not stop somewhere with a beautiful view, unpack the packed lunch and take in nature and the beautiful surroundings? Cycling the dressage is suitable for both adults and children and is an adventure for the whole family.

During the trip you get to experience canals, rivers, forest, beautiful nature and the price includes accommodation, packed lunch and dinner in the evening.

Trampling the dressage is an experience everyone should experience at least once in their life and during your journey you will pass many interesting places, including primeval forest, wilderness, historical sites and there are opportunities for swimming and grilling along the way for those who feel like it.