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Öland - The island of the sun and cycling!
A cycling holiday on northern Öland takes you to fantastic places where you can enjoy the peace and quiet that is here. Experience the unique nature along the coastal road, climb Långe Erik, explore Trollskogen, swim in the sea and create memories for life. A magical island that has something for everyone. Read more about cycling on Öland here.


Below is an itinerary for this package:

Season: May 1 - September 30
Start days: Mondays-Sundays


Day 1

Trouser hook

If you do not want to drive all the way to Byxelkrok, you can take the ferry M / S Solsund from Oskarshamn to Byxelkrok. You check in at Solö Wärdhus which is located in the middle of the village. Bicycles can be picked up at Byxelkrok's bicycle rental. The first day on your bike package, it is nice to check the situation and take it easy in the marine environment. Dinner is served at Hamnpuben with the sea as the nearest neighbor.

Day 2

Trouser hook - Långe Erik - Böda coast Nature Reserve - Trouser hook (bike ride 20-30 km.)

Time to discover Öland, this magical island that has something for everyone. Start the day by cycling to the distinctive cobblestone field Neptuni Åkrar and further out to Öland's northern cape. Here you will find the lighthouse Långe Erik. The lighthouse, which is 32 meters high, was completed in 1845. The bike ride continues towards Trollskogen, which is located in the Bödakusten nature reserve. Here is a hiking trail that runs along Öland's northeastern cape. You must not miss the wreck located in Trollskogen.

Day 3

Alt. 1: Byxelkrok - Böda Bukten - Byxelkrok (bike ride 20-30 km.)

Attracting sand between the toes, a trip to Sweden's longest sandy beach, Böda beach, which is 5 km long, is recommended. A wonderful bike ride from west to east. End a long day by bike with a magical sunset by the small lighthouse in Byxelkrok or perhaps a cooling dip at Byxelkrok's pebble beach.

Day 3

Alt.2: Trouser hook - Skäktekärr - Trouser hook (bike ride 30 km.)

15 km south of Byxelkrok is Skäftekärr Ekopark. In the rebuilt Iron Age landscape, you can see how ancient islanders lived. Here is a built-up longhouse as it may have looked just over 1 years ago, with fields, meadow areas, cow streets and sacrificial bog. The nature in Ekoparken Böda offers calcareous meadow stable forests with a variety of orchids, barren sand moors with storm-twisted pines and fertile deciduous groves with old giant oaks. Dinner is served as before in Byxelkrok with the sea as a neighbor.

Day 3

Alt. 3: Trouser hook - Blue Virgo

From Byxelkrok, a tour boat goes daily during the summer months of June-August to the mythical island Blå jungfrun in the middle of Kalmarsund. In order to be able to go ashore on the island, it must not be too heavy seas and therefore the trip is canceled on certain days. It may be worthwhile to check out the appropriate day for crossing already on arrival at Byxelkrok. There are many legends and stories about this island. It is said "that whoever brings any of the island's beautiful stones is brought by misfortune".

Day 4

Trouser hook (homecoming)

The last day of your Öland holiday. Take advantage of the peace, quiet and gather all impressions before the journey home approaches. You still have time to do one of the three alternatives you have not had time for. Or you cycle to your favorite place that you discovered one of the previous days.

3 nights part in a double room Solö Wärdshus
3 1-course dinners excluding drinks, Hamnpuben
3 breakfast buffet
1 3-speed Bicycle from 13 years
Bring your own helmet for best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons (covid-19)
1 pc Cooler bag / 2 pers. (to pack your own provisions on the road)
1 st Map
1 trip description

Single room supplement 1650 SEK
Deduction own bike - 400 SEK
Cancellation protection 250 SEK / person

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