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    SEK 250.00 / St
    Wettern Accommodation *
    Electric Bicycle
    SEK 300.00 / St

    Electric Bicycle

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    Single room supplement
    SEK 1200.00 / St

    Single room supplement

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    Cafe Baltzar Sjötorp *
    Pensionat Prästgården *
    Restaurant Hvita Hjorten *
    Läckö Castle *

Other information

Start days:
Mondays - Sundays
June 14 - August 14


Day 1

Läckö Castle - Lidköping - Töreboda (car 10 km)

The tour starts on Kållands ö with a visit to Läckö Castle. On this four-day Skaraborg trip, you get to experience unique nature and cultural experiences. A guided tour of Läckö Castle awaits here. The castle is a breathtaking baroque gem, built on a medieval foundation. Ever since 1298, there has been a castle on the cliff by Lake Vänern, surrounded by water. After this enchanting historical visit, you steer the journey towards Töreboda and Göta canal. On the trip to Töreboda, the journey goes over Kinnekulle. Kinnekulle is a plateau mountain on the southeastern shore of Lake Vänern with a maximum elevation of 306 meters above sea level. Magnificent views and magical nature await you. In Töreboda you check in at Pensionat Prästgården and dinner is served at Prästgårdens Trädgårdscafé. Enjoy in the lovely garden or if the weather does not allow you to settle down in the family restaurant.

Day 2

Day 2 Göta canal Töreboda - Sjötorp- Töreboda (bike ride 40 km)

Today it's time to experience and explore the Göta Canal, one of Sweden's largest buildings and places to visit. A bike ride from Töreboda to Sjötorp round trip awaits. Here you cycle on completely car-free cycle paths right next to the canal edge. On the tour you will pass several small cozy places well worth stopping at. During the bike ride to Sjötorp, you pass no less than 16 locks. In Sjötorp, lunch is served at Café Baltzar and this also includes a visit to the Göta Canal Museum. Back in Töreboda, a good dinner and a comfortable bed await.

Day 3

Töreboda - Karlsborg (distance 4 miles)

Today it's time to drive to Karlsborg, a trip of about 4 km. One mile before Karlsborg is Forsvik which is definitely worth a visit. In Forsvik you can visit the Göta Canal's oldest lock and pay a visit to Forsviks Bruk. Here you will find a working railway, historic buildings and exciting exhibitions. Forsvik's mill has a 600-year history and Skaraborg's Fortsätt was then founded here in Karlsborg, which is still called Sweden's reserve capital, this is where the state's gold reserves were to be stored during war. Check-in at Hotell Rödesund which is located between Lake Vättern and Bottensjön. Stroll around Karlsborg. Here you are always surrounded by water. Both Vättern and Bottensjön give Karlsborg its special character and it is easy to get hungry here.

Day 4


Today, an exciting visit to Kalsborg Fortress awaits. The guide takes you on a journey back to the 1800th century. Karlsborg Fortress is stable on Vanäs cape in Lake Vättern, which is one of the largest and best-preserved fortresses in Sweden. During the 1800th century, it was planned that Karlsborg would have the role of Sweden's reserve capital and be the seat of the royal family, government, parliament and gold reserve in times of war. Feel free to visit the museum, the Garrison Church and walk along the wall and preferably out to Vanäs lighthouse. From Karlsborg you get to see the fastest, shortest or longest way to your next destination.

2 overnight stays Pensionat Prästgården, part in a double room
1 pc Accommodation Hotel Wettern, part in a double room
1 1-course dinner excluding drinks, Prästgårdens Trädgårdscafé
1 2-course dinner excl. Drink, Krubb
1 Evening buffet excluding drinks, Hotel Wettern
1 pc Lunch excl. Drink, Hvita Hjorten Läckö castle
1 Lunch excluding drinks, Café Baltzar
1 entrance Läckö Castle
1 entrance Entrance Göta Canal Museum in Sjötorp
1 Entrance Guided tour of Karlsborg Fortress
3 pcs Breakfast buffet
1 bike 7-speed incl. bicycle basket from 8 years)
Bring your own helmet for best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons (covid-19)
1 pc Bicycle map
1 trip description
Bicycle service applies to rented bicycles

Cancellation protection / pers. 250 SEK
Single room supplement 1200 SEK
Electric bike 300 SEK


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