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    Carlsro Badhotell Åland *
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Åland is the island kingdom consisting of 6.700 islands!
Åland belongs to Finland, but is self-governing and Swedish-speaking. It is one of the sunniest areas in the Nordic region and full of waiting experiences. Explore, discover and taste Åland. Fantastic to cycle around the archipelago and move between the islands with the archipelago ferries. Some archipelago tours take several hours, other ferries only a few minutes.


Below is an itinerary for this package:

Season: June 1 - August 31
Start days: Mondays-Sundays


Day 1


Now you have finally come to the island kingdom of Åland after your stay on one of the ferries. In Mariehamn, the capital of Åland, you check in at Hotell Arkipelag or the sister hotel, Hotell Savoy. The maritime city of Mariehamn is easily discovered on foot. Feel free to visit the Åland Museum and also the Art Museum. Take a walk up to Badhusberget in the western harbor, here you get a fantastic view of the city and the sea. Mariehamn is called the city of Lindarnas, which explains why there are so many lindens here.

Day 2

Mariehamn - Lemland - ferry to Föglö o Degerby (Cycling distance 27 km)

Wonderful days in the archipelago await. Here the distances are short, the nature varied and the sea always close. Behind the next bend in the road, a beautiful bay, warm red cliffs or a lush meadow often awaits. Today's bike ride goes via Lemland to Föglö and Degerby. The ferry departs from Svinö ferry berth and 30 minutes later you arrive at Degerby ferry berth at Föglö. Lemland is Åland's southernmost municipality and is completely surrounded by the sea. The Lemland nature has everything you could wish for. Here you have smooth bathing cliffs and mountains with wonderful views and flowering meadows full of rare plants, as well as a rich wildlife. In the northwest we have the beautiful Lemström's canal from the year 1882. In the east the fairway Lumparsund, to the north the large bay Lumparn and to the south the Åland Sea flows. Lemland has one of Åland's oldest churches. Take the opportunity to take a dip in the sea from a sun-warmed cliff. In Degerby there are many old shipyards and other wooden buildings. This wooden building is unparalleled anywhere else on Åland. Before the founding of Mariehamn in 1861, Degerby was the central town for the Åland archipelago. Even in the 1920s, Degerby had more inhabitants than Mariehamn. In Degerby you check in at Carlsro Badhotell.

Day 3

Degerby - Embarsund (wire ferry) - Överö (Archipelago ferry, transverse line) - Snäckö, Kumlinge (bike ride 22 km)

An exciting day in the island kingdom awaits. To today's final destination Bärö you can not even get by archipelago ferry. Today Henrik comes from "Glada Laxen" and picks you up in your own boat transport. To cycle in this fantastic landscape, there are several ferries you must be transported with during the day. At Embarsund, a wire ferry will take you about 300 meters to the next island, Överö. From Överö ferry berth, the boat takes about 1 hour before you reach Snäckö. Enjoy the sea, the tranquility, the tranquility and the magical view. The island of Kumlinge is located between Finland and Åland, here the sun shines most hours in all of Scandinavia - even more than on the mainland Åland! If it rains on the mainland in Sweden or Finland, the sun shines here. The skipper and restaurant owner Henrik picks you up by boat from Kumlinge ferry berth. A fast and fast-moving crossing to Bärö. Here is another time to fall in love with Åland's fantastic archipelago. Walk around the island, 5 km, out to the lookout tower which is 40 meters above sea level. Enjoy fantastic cliffs to swim from and wonderful views of the Delet, the bay outside. End the evening with a sauna before or after dinner.

Day 4

Kumlinge (Archipelago ferry, northern line) - Hummelvik, Vårdö - Godby (bike ride 27 km)

Henrik drives you to the ferry in Kumlinge with his boat. From here the ferry goes to Vårdö. Occasionally you cycle in the Åland archipelago with sea on both sides of you. After a wonderful day on the bike saddle with both historical exclamations and magical views, Pensionat Stalldalen awaits your arrival. In Stalldalen, the simple life prevails - socialize, eat well, relax and take the day as it comes!

Day 5

Godby - Mariehamn (bike ride 20 km)

Enjoy the last ride of the cycling holiday. In Mariehamn you return the bikes to the landlord. Once at Hotell Arkipelag or Hotell Savoy, you can take a refreshing dip in the pool after the bike ride if the weather allows. In the evening you can enjoy dinner on the hotel's outdoor terrace while the city passes by.

Day 6


If you have the strength in your legs, we recommend that you cycle a short trip from Mariehamn to Järsö. JÄRSÖRUTTEN BY BICYCLE An 18 km round trip (9 km one way) easily oriented archipelago road that stretches over the beautiful bridges to Järsö with a rich bird life. Swimming opportunities along the route are available at Espholm, Gröna Udden and Lilla Holmen. Finish by buying with some Åland specialties before you board the ferry.

2 accommodation part in double room, Hotel Arkipelag/Hotel Savoy
1 accommodation part in double room Carlsro Badhotell
1 accommodation share in double room Glada Laxen
1 accommodation part in a double room Pensionat Stalldalen
5 breakfast buffet
2 2-course dinners excluding drinks Hotel Arkipelag / Hotel Savoy
1 2-course dinner excl. Drink Carlsro Badhotell
1 2-course dinner excl. Drink Glada Laxen
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks Pensionat Stalldalen
1 lunch packages Hotel Arkipelag / Hotel Savoy
1 lunch package Carlsro Badhotell
1 pc Packed lunch Happy salmon
1 lunch package Pensionat Stalldalen
1 bicycle 7-speed (from 13 years)
Bring your own helmet for the best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons
1 packing bag (double, holds approx. 15 l / pc)
1 pc Cooler bag / 2 pers. (to pack your own provisions on the road)
1 trip description
1 st Map



Single room supplement 2500 SEK
Deduction own bike - 600 SEK
Cancellation protection 250 SEK / person


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