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Other information


Day 1

Töreboda - Lyrestad - Kinnekulle - Lidköping (Cycling: 12,5 / 40 km, Train distance: 50 min / 70 min

The cycling holiday starts from Töreboda, perfect when you come by train. From there, you tread along the Göta canal on the completely car-free gravel road that winds right next to the canal to Lyrestad. The cycle distance is only 12,5 km to Lyrestad and from here you travel with the Kinnekulletåget which has been named Sweden's most beautiful train route. You train in miniature format along Sweden's most beautiful train route between Mariestad and Lidköping and visit a string of picturesque picturesque train stations. The single-track railway connects villages and cultural monuments with Lake Vänern's water and several nature reserves. Lunch is enjoyed in Hällekis kök & Trädgårdscafé which is beautifully located next to Hällekis Säteri on the shores of Lake Vänern. There is also an extensive perennial flower bed and a fragrant rose garden with old-fashioned roses. The perennial bed and the rose garden were laid out as early as 1934. Skilled gardeners keep everything in the best condition so that you visitors can enjoy the seasonal changes from the spring bulbs to the beautiful colors of autumn. After lunch, cycle along winding pilgrimage routes to Sweden's Grand Canyon and the Munkängarna nature reserve, smelling of spring onions. From Hällekis you continue to Lidköping. Either you can take the Kinnekulletåget or else you cycle the stretch to Lidköping which goes on small roads in a historical spirit with magnificent mansions that boast their full splendor and you can almost feel the historic wingspan. You check in at the Best Western Plus Edward Hotel in Lidköping and you will be served dinner during the evening.

Day 2

Lidköping - Läcköslott - Lidköping (Public transport: 24km)

Läckö Castle On a cliff by Lake Vänern you will find the mighty Läckö Castle, located on the shores of Lake Vänern Läckö is one of Sweden's most beautiful castles and one of the most visited tourist destinations in western Sweden. Experience the castle's 700-year history and feel the wings of the baroque in the uniquely preserved baroque halls. Here you can get guided tours and a lesson in the history of the castle and know more about Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie, who was only 30 years old when he took over the castle and the county. Experience Lilla Slottsträdgården Lilla Slottsträdgården is unique and completely irresistible. Simon Irvine worked in the garden from 1990 to turn it into what it is today. He worked passionately to dig, plant, compost and take care of the garden with the long perspective in mind to show what ecological sustainability looks like in reality. The garden is enchanting with its different floors, colors, shapes and flowers framed by high white stone walls. Here you can walk around for a long time and enjoy the lush and fabulous surroundings. When you are satisfied with the day, the bus returns to the Hotel in Lidköping.

Day 3

Lidköping - Vargön (Cycling: 70 km)

Today it will be extra important to eat a hearty breakfast because today will be the longest cycling day on this trip. Today's goal is Ronnums Herrgård which is located on Vargön. Ronnums Herrgård is a historical gem on Vargön between Vänersborg and Trollhättan in western Sweden. After the long bike ride, you have to thank yourself for unwinding in the nice relaxation area and the whirlpool. Afterwards, you can enjoy a well-composed dinner, prepared with ingredients from local producers.

Day 4

Vargön - Brålanda (Cycling trip: 35 km)

After you have enjoyed breakfast at Herrgården, it is time to continue cycling on Vänerleden. The first city you will cycle through is Vänersborg, which was nicknamed "Little Paris" by the poet Birger Sjöberg and offers a rich variety of activities and attractions. Explore the cultural axis from the Residence to the Vänersborg Museum, which has the country's oldest preserved museum environment and is especially known for its unique collection of African birds. If you are craving a bath during the trip, take a trip to Ursands Resort & Camping. The bike ride takes you further on small winding roads through fine fertile landscape. Once in Sikhall there is a small guest harbor so take the opportunity to soak up boating in the small harbor first before you get to Sikhall's camping & restaurant which is located 700 m from the harbor.

Day 5

Brålanda - Mellerud - Håverud (Cycling trip: 35 km)

The bike ride today goes to Håverud which is located at the entrance to Dalslandskanal. To get there, you must pass Dalbergså, which has a guest harbor and a cozy country store. Eat an ice cream and walk the nice walking trail out to Lake Vänern where there are rock carvings. Well worth a visit. When you come to Dalaborg, you can take the opportunity to bring your lunch bag .. On Slottskullen are the remains of Dalsland's only medieval castle. The place is today desolate and may seem insignificant, but in the Middle Ages it was at the center of important events in western Sweden. Are you hungry and want to experience Lake Vänern's finest beaches. Do you cycle to Vita Sandra's camping. Here is a nice restaurant. In Mellerud, you can take the opportunity to stock up, replenish liquids and food. When you come to Dals Rostock, we highly recommend a visit to Mörttjärn nature reserve and Kroppefjäll. With fantastic views over the whole of Dalsland and out towards Lake Vänern. In the cozy little community Dals Rostock you will find, among other things, a well-kept herb garden, arts and crafts of various kinds and a local history museum with a café. Once in Upperud, you first come to Dalsland's art museum. Permanent collections of art, silver objects and folk furniture from the landscape are shown here. During three exhibition periods per year, you have the chance to experience contemporary art of a high class. The museum - which is sometimes called Dalsland's Louisiana - is located in a beautiful sculpture park, has its own guest pier and a museum café that offers both homemade coffee bread, good sandwiches and an unbeatable view of the lake system. Håverud is Dalsland's largest tourist attraction, with about 250 visitors each year. It is mainly Dalsland's canal with its unique aqueduct that attracts, but the area has so much more to offer. In the Dalsland Center visitor center, there are exhibition and concert activities, a café and a restaurant right by the canal. Small cozy summer open shops, gallery, a canal museum not to be missed and Dalsland's only glassblower is also by the lock area. In Håverud you live & eat at Håverudshotel. After checking in, you can relax with a swim in the lake or in the jacuzzi or relax in their massage chairs.

Day 6

Håverud - Långbron - Åmål (Cycling trip 37 km Boat trip: 3 hours)

At 10.50 the passenger boat departs from Håverud. You will travel over the famous Håverighetsvedukten. Lunch is served as you glide through the beautiful countryside. The passenger boat goes to port at Långbron in the middle of the deepest Dalsland. The cycle paths to Åmål are varied, you will cycle on both gravel & asphalt roads. Dinner & accommodation at Nordengrenskagården.

Day 7

Åmål - Säffle (Cycling: 20 km)

Day eight is one of the shortest cycling distances on this tour. Feel free to visit the bustling boat life and the city's old quarter and take the opportunity to walk up to the new lookout point at Kungsberget, if you want to get a view of the magnificent Lake Vänern before you set off on your bike. The cycle path goes north towards Säffle via fine cycle paths and through forest landscapes the path winds its way towards today's goal. You pass Krokstads Herrgård where you can enjoy lunch of very high quality, as the restaurateur Håkan Mattson does not thumb at the ingredients. If you are craving a bath after lunch, you cycle to Duse cape, which offers the incredibly beautiful expansive views of Lake Vänern. Have a good coffee at Kanalcaféet which is located directly at the connection of Säffle canal, Also visit Galna Tuppen and Holgers Konditori which is not far from the canal area. Also take the opportunity to visit Säffle's market hall. If you are interested in art, you must not miss the old Water Tower, here nice and thought-provoking art exhibitions are shown in the summer. Dinner & accommodation at First Hotell Royal.

Day 8

Säffle - Karlstad (Cycling: 60 km)

Today it is one of the longest cycle distances, so take the opportunity to eat a hearty breakfast. Expect that you have all day on your bike and that you ride at a nice calm pace because then there is no problem with being able to 60 km on the bike saddle. The cycle path takes you on mixed roads such as on hard-packed oil gravel roads and asphalt roads. The Väner trail runs through fertile landscape with locally produced vegetables. When you arrive at Huggenäskapell, there are very interesting tombstones to look at. Feel free to make a stop at Grön Ko café and market hall. Here you can taste locally produced directly from the farmers in the area and also buy at home with local specialties. When you step into Borgvik, you can stop at Sliperiet where you can experience art and photo exhibitions in the old mill environment or eat something good at some of Borgvik's restaurants. Borgvik also has one of Sweden's northernmost beech forests. During the route today, there are several places where you can eat ice cream and take a cooling dip before continuing your journey. When you approach Karlstad, the bike path goes out on the picturesque Hammarö and maybe you have a coffee at Christer Sjögren in the Vikings and maybe take a truddelutt by the friend. Food & accommodation at Elite Stadshotellet

Day 9

Karlstad - Kristinehamn (Cycling: 50 km)

Before you leave "Sola" in Karlstad, we recommend a visit to the art gallery Sandgrund Lars Lerin, where you can look at world-class watercolors. You not only cycle along Lake Vänern, but the journey also goes along the Klarälven, and Kroppkärrssjön in case you are hungry for a dip. Make a visit to Alsters Herrgård, Gustaf Frödings Minnesgård, where you can take the opportunity to have coffee or lunch in the park overlooking Lake Vänern. The cycle path goes through fertile landscapes in the Swedish summer day. Dinner & accommodation Stadshotellet in Kristinehamn

Day 10

Kristinehamn - Sjötorp (Cycling: 60 km)

Today, the daily destination is Sjötorp, which is beautifully situated next to the canal. Feel free to cycle and look at the Picasso sculpture and go to both viewpoints, one facing south and one north - it gives a completely different impression of the sculpture seen from the front, looking towards the horizon. In summer there is an exhibition and info points on the headland as well as an ice cream café. The cycle path goes through both agricultural landscapes and forest landscapes and of course you have Lake Vänern as your closest neighbor on your right. The cycle route runs on gravel roads, busy roads and cycle paths. During the trip there are places to eat if you get hungry and of course you can take a dip in the inland sea "Lake Vänern". Enjoy the summer evening in Sjötorp. You eat at the Fisch and chips restaurant which offers freshly caught fresh fish. The restaurant is located next to the Göta Canal. The accommodation is at Sjötorp's hostel.

Day 11

Sjötorp - Töreboda (Cycling: 20 km)

To know a little more about how the canal was built, you can enter the canal museum located at Sjötorp harbor. Today it is one of the easiest cycling routes. You only cycle on a heavily packed gravel road that goes right next to the Göta Canal and it is completely car-free. During this stretch you do not have to go hungry. During this stretch, there are restaurants and cafes every seven kilometers. When you have arrived at Töreboda, you have cycled approx. 60 mil.

1 7-speed bicycle incl. bicycle basket & 2 pcs. packing bags
1 train ticket Kinnekullebanan
2 pcs Accommodation Edward Hotel, Lidköping
1 pc Accommodation Ronnums Herrgård, Vargön
1 pc Accommodation Sikhalls Campingstuga, Brålanda
1 pc Accommodation Håverudshotell, Håverud
1 pc Accommodation Nordengrenskagården, Åmål
1 pc Accommodation First Hotel Royal, Säffle
1 pc Accommodation Elite Stadshotell, Karlstad
1 pc Accommodation Stadshotellet, Kristinehman
1 pc Accommodation Hostel, Sjötorp
2 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Edward Hotel
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Ronnums Herrgård
1 1-course dinner excluding drinks, Sikhalls Camping
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Håverudshotell
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Nordengrenskagården
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, First Hotel Royal
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Elite Stadshotell
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Stadshotellet Kristinehamn
1 1-course Fisch and chips restaurant,
1 passenger boat incl. lunch on Dalsland's canal
1 bus ticket T&R Läckö Castle
11 pcs Breakfast buffet
1 st Map
1 trip description
1 pc Cooler bag / 2pers.


Cancellation protection / pers. 250 SEK

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