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    The Goose Out *
    Deduction own bike all over Gotland
    -1100.00 kr / St
    Luggage driving All over Gotland, max 4 bags
    8000.00 kr / St
    250.00 kr / St
    Electric bike
    1600.00 kr / St

    Electric bike

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    Single room supplement
    4500.00 kr / St

    Single room supplement 4500 SEK

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    Slite Strandby *
    Lärbro / Grannen Hostel *
    Pensionat Lövängen *
    Pensionat Holmhällar *
    Warfsholm *
    Visby Hyrcykel *
    Best Western Solhem Hotel Visby *

The whole of Gotland with Fårö and Hoburgen - A cycling adventure for the experienced cyclist.
Opportunity to experience Gotland's history and culture but also opportunities to sunbathe and swim. Starts and ends with night in Visby. Enjoy the atmosphere, nature, all new discoveries and scents and not least the proximity to the sea wherever you are.


Book the ferry to Gotland from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn via Destination Gotland at: www.destinationgotland.se

Start days:
Mondays - Sundays
June 1 - September 15

Not Bookable 3-7 July (Almedalen Week)


Day 1


Right next to Visby's well-preserved ring wall from the 1200th century is Best Western Solhem Hotell. Here you live centrally with the medieval cobbled streets and the historic buildings just around the corner. At the same time, you can feel the tranquility of beautiful natural surroundings and the proximity of the sea. Use the day to stroll around and breathe in Visby's atmosphere. Find a cozy restaurant and enjoy Gotland specialties such as lamb, saffron pancakes, salmon berries and much more.

Day 2

Visby - Lummelunda Caves - Halls Fiskeläge - Lärbro (cycling 66 km)

Today begins your cycling adventure! You pick up your bike on Visby rental bike, then just hop on the saddle and pedal north. The journey goes on image-free roads right next to the sea, you cycle along the marked cycle path "Gotlandsleden" to the first stop at Lummelunda Caves. We recommend a guided tour, which takes you 400 million years back in time. Strange fossils and beautiful stalactite formations await here. to see the big water wheel and look around at the old buildings. Then continue the trip north along the Gotlandsleden to today's destination Lärbro. Feel free to cycle to Hall's fishing village on the northern tip well worth the effort. protected harbor and with impressive views from the lighthouse.

Day 3

Lärbro - Bläse - Bästeträsk - Fårösund - Sudersand (cycling 51 km)

Today's destination is Fårö - Ljuset och raukarnas ö. Follow Gotlandsleden north, from Bläse you can take the road along Stenkusten. This part offers the wild, rocky and wildly tormented landscape characteristic of Gotland. There are also cool rauk areas and cozy fishing villages. Visit the Bläse Industrial Museum, make a stop for a swim in the Blue Lagoon or just enjoy the sight of the turquoise blue water in the water-filled limestone quarry. At Fårösund, a short ferry ride across the strait awaits before you arrive at Fårögården by Sudersand, which is your accommodation for the night. Fårögården also has a very popular restaurant that serves delicious Gotland Mediterranean food. In the evening, enjoy dinner in the courtyard in a relaxing atmosphere.

Day 4

Fårö (optional cycle distance)

The day is for exciting discoveries and new experiences. On the bicycle saddle you can now explore this enchanting island with its rugged nature, its rauk areas, beaches and the special light and tranquility. Cycle on the winding roads at a comfortable pace and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Raukom areas well worth a visit are Gamlehamn, Digerhuvud and Langhammars. If you want to take a dip in the sea, there are several lovely sandy beaches such as Ekeviken, Sudersand, Norsta Auren and Skalasand. Feel free to visit Fårö Lighthouse, which is located furthest east on Fårö. Dinner is also enjoyed tonight at Fårögärden's cozy outdoor terrace.

Day 5

Fårö - Slite (bike ride 53 km)

Today it's time to leave Fårö and take the small ferry to Fårösund and then on to today's final destination - Slite Strandby. If you have not had time to visit the Bergmans Center on Fårö, a stop before the ferry departs may be a good idea. If you want to discover something very different, you should cycle to Bungenäs. The trendiest destination in Sweden? The sea is present everywhere and next to old buildings, industrial premises and remains from a lime quarry there are lagoon-like bodies of water that change into light green shades. Also take the opportunity to visit the Bunge open-air museum. In Slite Strandby, overnight stays in cozy glamping tents await and a wonderful dinner is served at Strandbaren during the evening. You have free access to the pool and sauna, can be nice after a long day of cycling. Sit down and gather today's impressions with tranquil views of the sea and archipelago.

Day 6

Slite - Ljugarn (bike ride 56 km)

Today it is heading south. The trip over Östergarnslandet and Kattharmmarsvik is fantastic to discover by bike. Here you cycle along limestone white roads that meander along the coast. Enjoy the barren landscape at Grogarnsberget and the view towards Östergarnsholm. At Sysne there is a beautiful little harbor where you can buy freshly smoked fish. The tour takes you around the headland at Katthammarsvik, after the headland the bike ride continues to the ancient monument Ardre Ödekyrka. Then you are not far away to Ljugarn and Pensionat Lövängen which is the destination for the day. Today, Ljugarn is one of Gotland's most popular holiday resorts. The kilometer-long sandy beach, Vitvär's small fishing village with holiday village, the exciting rauk field Folhammar and Strandridaregården's museum are some places to visit that are recommended. Raukarna attracts to climbing and there is also a paved labyrinth to explore. Here you have an adorable view of the Baltic Sea. Tonight, dinner is served at Ljugarn's beach café, here you can enjoy a fantastic evening with good food in the middle of the beach.

Day 7

Ljugarn - Burgsvik (bike ride 65 km)

Today you steer the bike towards Burgsvik which is known from the TV program "So much better". On the way you will pass many old and beautiful churches, there are no less than 98 churches on Gotland! A stop in the Ålarve nature reserve can be fun for those who are interested in a rich plant and bird life. Just south of the bathing place at Ronehamn there is a gate to the nature reserve. During the early summer, the beach meadows here are completely pink from the blooming Triften, as this is northern Europe's largest trift trap. White-edged geese, herons, sea eagles and golden eagles are common to see in the area, so feel free to put the binoculars in the pack! On the way there are also several places where you can jump into the sea to cool off during the bike ride. Once in Burgsvik, the island is so narrow that you can see from the west to the east coast. You check in at Gåsen out, little sister to Grå gåsen where "So much better" is recorded, here you live in a simple and cozy environment with only a short walk to the beach. If you still have strength left in your legs after today's cycling, there is both a paddle court, beach volleyball and a boules court to get active with. It is just as easy to take a leisurely walk down to the beach or settle down in the cozy garden with something good to drink. Dinner is served in the garden during the evening.

Day 8

Burgsvik (own excursions)

Today is free activities, enjoy a wonderful day on southern Gotland. Take a bike ride to the southernmost part of Gotland, here is the magnificent Storsudret. Fascinated by the special nature, the sandy beaches and the light. Explore the rauk area at Holmhällar and visit Hoburgsgubben. Hoburgen has the most hours of sunshine in the country and here you can feel the scent of spiritual closeness. Holmhällar is nestled in a pine forest with a 3 km long sandy beach and a large rauk field. Take a dip at the fantastic beach Austre, a coffee at Körsbärsgården or a visit to Vamlingsbo museum. Most activities are at your disposal at Gåsen Out, and just like yesterday you sit down to a table out in the garden where dinner is served during the evening.

Day 9

Burgsvik - Warfsholm (bike ride 65 km)

Today's goal for the cycling holiday is Pensionat Warfsholm. On the way you pass the Ekstakusten nature reserve. Along the coastal road that runs through the reserve, you will pass a number of ferries where you can slow down for free-grazing lambs. Along the coastal road is also the small fishing village Kronvald. Overnight and dinner await at Pensionat Warfsholm right next to the sea and near Klintehamn. From here you have a fantastic view of Lilla and Stora Karlsö, here you have the chance to experience a magical sunset.

Day 10

Warfsholm - Visby (bike ride 33 km)

Now you leave Klintehamn and steer the bike back towards Visby, turn on the Gotlandsleden in a northerly direction. Watch out for sheep on the bike path !! If you are hungry for swimming, the first stop will be at Tofta beach, one of Gotland's most famous beaches. In Kneippbyn you will find Villa Villekulla, a water and summer country and adventure golf. Just before you reach Högklint is the fishing village Ygne, well worth a visit. Ygne consists of small windswept sheds, rocks, cliffs, fossils and is incredibly beautiful. Continue cycling for a while and soon you will arrive at Högklint. Högklint is one of Gotland's highest cliffs (48 masl) from here you have a wonderful view of Visby and the Baltic Sea. Just before you cycle into Visby is the Södra Hällarna nature reserve. This was previously a military firing range, here all of the island's habitats are represented. If you are lucky, lambs graze at the entrance to the reserve. After an eventful day with many impressions, it is nice to be able to stroll around the Hanseatic city of Visby. Check in again at Solhemhotell and then look for a nice restaurant to enjoy a good dinner last night.

Day 11


Last day of your cycling holiday. Enjoy the sea and the promenade or explore something you did not have time for during the previous days in Visby. An ice cream at Glassmagasinet down in the harbor is a popular end to the trip, they have 346 different flavors from 8 different ice cream suppliers. Guteglass, Gotland's own pride is almost a must try when you're on the island. The ferry will then take you back to the mainland. Hope you had a fantastic stay on Gotland together with the Experience Package!

2 Hotel nights, Solhem Hotel part in a double room
1 Bed & Breakfast night, Lärbro incl. bed linen (toilet & shower in corridor) part in double room
2 Bed & Breakfast nights, Fårögården incl. bed linen (toilet & shower in corridor) part in double room
1 Glamping tent, Slite cottage village part in 2-bed
1 guest house night incl. bed linen, Pensionat Lövängen part in a double room
2 guest house nights incl. bedding, Goose Out part in double room
1 guest house night incl. bed linen, Warfsholm Pensionat part in double room
10 breakfast buffet
1 1-course dinner excl. Drink, Lärbro
2 1-course dinners excluding drinks, Fårögården
1 2-course dinner excl. Drink, Slite
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Lövängen
2 1-course dinner excluding drinks, Gåsen Out
1 2-course dinner excluding drinks, Warfsholm
1 pc 7-speed Bicycle incl. bicycle basket
Bring your own helmet for best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons (covid-19)
2 Packing bags to hang on the package holder, holds 20 liters / bag.
1 pc Cooler bag / 2 pers. Obtained at Visby Hyrcykel (to pack your own provisions on the road)
1 pc Bicycle map
1 trip description

Single room supplement 4500 SEK
Cancellation protection / pers. 250 SEK
Own bike, deduction - 1100 SEK
Electric bike 1600 SEK
Luggage driving (max 4 bags) 8000 SEK



Book the ferry to Gotland from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn via Destination Gotland at: www.destinationgotland.se
The car is parked at the ferry terminal in Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn.
Buses to the ferry in Nynäshamn leave from Central Station in Stockholm.