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    Mellby Ör Inn *
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    Ottenby Vandrarhem *
    Kvarnkrogen in Grönhögen
    Ölands Cykeluthyrning *

Öland's unique cycling adventure!
Öland's coolest cycling holiday from lighthouse Långe Jan to lighthouse Långe Erik You will experience everything Öland has to offer such as the Royal - Solliden on Borgholm, the fascinating Alvaret with its fine cycle paths and the fine coast along the sea. There are very many bike paths to choose from. If you want luggage transport, you add it to your booking.

Below is an itinerary for this package:

Season: June 1 - September 15
Start days: Mondays-Sundays


Day 1

Mörbylånga - Degerhamn - Ottenby (bike ride 40 km)

A varied bike ride with lush forest groves, over alvar fields, through island villages, open plains and in summer the yellow rapeseed fields glow welcomingly. Along the round, you also get acquainted with the island's world heritage southern Öland's Alvar, which is a world-unique and living agricultural landscape. Do not be surprised if you are overtaken by kite and windsurfers on this part of Öland. At Haga park, the wind conditions are excellent, so keep a close eye on the handlebars. The bike ride continues through the small picturesque village of Degerhamn and on to Ottenby Vandrarhem. Carla's cafe is located approx. 2 km north of the hostel. You will be served a dinner made from Öland ingredients. At Carla's cafe you can relax in their garden, look at the sea and just enjoy.

Day 2

Ottenby - Långe Jan - Mellby Ör Inn (cycle distance 36 km)

Today will be a content-rich day. You will visit Öland's southernmost point and here you are really overwhelmed by the rich bird life. You will have lunch at Restaurant Fågel Blå. The restaurant is the nearest neighbor to Ottenby Bird Station, Naturum Ottenby. Here is also the lighthouse Långe Jan which was lit for the first time in 1785. Other interesting places to visit are Naturbokhandel Ottenby and just a few kilometers away is Ottenby Kungsgård with gallery and silversmith. If you are here in May, you will experience that the air vibrates with birdsong. If you are lucky, the magnificent brushcane games can be viewed and goldenrod, almond blossoms and orchids bloom in such quantities that you can barely put your foot down between them. If you take it easy, you can also cycle on the dotted hiking trails and then all traffic is gone. Take a short trip to the picturesque Gräsgårdshamn and experience the genuine fishing life on the beautiful fishing boats. Accommodation & food at Mellby Ör Inn is a renovated farmhouse from the 1860s and offers views of the Baltic Sea and Stora Alvaret's barren limestone plains, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. For the evening's meal, you get a nice barbecue package with local and locally grown Öland ingredients that you prepare yourself at their barbecue.

Day 3

Mellby Ör Inn - Gårdby Eksgården (cycle distance 25 km)

Today you cycle north to today's final destination which is Gårdby Eksgården. The tour goes along the moderately busy east coast. If you take it easy, you can also cycle on the marked hiking trails. Just after Mellby you pass the picturesque row villages Skärlöv. Continue up to Stenåsa When you come cycling to Gårdby, you will be met by beautiful Gårdby Church which is fenced off by picturesque cow pastures. If you want to see a little more of the surroundings in Gårdby, you can cycle about 4 km down to Gårdby harbor with a small swimming area, jetty and small fishing huts. Here you can often swim undisturbed in the shallow little bay. During your stay at Gårdby you will live and eat at Eksgården which is run by Lovisa and Gunnar who have a solid education from Grythyttan. When you step through the gates, you will be embraced by the tranquility of Eksgården. The place is rural and idyllic and the whole farm breathes tranquility and relaxation. In their restaurant they serve carefully selected and organic dinners and in fine weather you can enjoy in their beautiful courtyard

Day 4

Gårdby Eksgården - Borgholm (cycle distance 37 km)

Today you take aim at Borgholm where the Royal Solliden and Borgholm's castle ruins are famous sights. You cycle north along the moderately trafficked east coast. If you take it easy, you can also cycle on the marked hiking trails. To cycle further north towards Borgholm, you can cycle along the coast or on the slightly smaller roads in Mittlandsskogen. When you have arrived at Borgholm, you check in at Guntorps Herrgård. Make a visit to the cozy city and look for a nice restaurant.

Day 5

Borgholm with the Royal Solliden (cycle distance 10 - 25 km)

Today we recommend a visit to the royal summer residence Solliden. Solliden is located approx. 5 km from Guntorps Herrgård. Also visit the well-known Borgholm castle ruins which are located near Solliden. For those who are hungry for swimming, there is a lovely beach in Köpingsvik about half a mile east of Borgholm. From there you can cycle further out to Hörninge bog which is an eldorado for flower lovers and bird lovers. Overnight at Guntorps Herrgård.

Day 6

Borgholm - Byxelkrok (cycle distance 65 km)

After breakfast, it's time to cycle on. Today, nature looks a little different. At Alböke is Sweden's only camel ranch. Then the journey goes along the coast, high up on the limestone cliff with a wonderful view of Kalmarsund. The tour takes you through many wonderful places such as. Bruddesta which is a small idyllic old fishing village with small boathouses, built of Öland limestone. The journey then continues past the huge limestone quarry at Gillberga with a geological museum and on to the old heavy mill in Jordhamn which is a wind-driven grinding machine for limestone. This is the only one preserved on Öland. If you are hungry for a bath and the weather is good, you have many places to swim. When you arrive in Byxelkrok, you check in at Solö Wärdshus. You eat dinner at Hamnpuben.

Day 7

Trouser hook (cycle distance 20 - 30 km)

There is a lot to choose from here. There are fishing boats to the mythical island Blå Jungfrun in the middle of Kalmarsund. If you want to swim, you cycle across the forest to Bödabukten, which is a 5 km continuous sandy beach. Or you can cycle to the lighthouse Långe Erik at the northern cape and visit Trollskogen on the other side of Grankullaviken. Or maybe to the genuinely restored Iron Age village at Skäftekärr which is located a bit to the south. You have dinner at Hamnpuben and sleep again at Solö Värdshus.

Day 8

Byxelkrok - Borgholm (cycle distance 65 km)

After breakfast you have a full day to enjoy the beautiful Öland. To get to Borgholm you can cycle back the same way you came, ie along the fantastic cycle path above Kalmarsund. You can also choose to cycle more inland. You Overnight at Guntorps Herrgård in the Royal Borgholm.

Day 9

Borgholm - Gårdby Eksgården (Cykelsträcka 30 km) Plan

Today you can choose another road to Gårdby if you wish, the difference is that you cycle a little more along the sea on one stretch. The accommodation and food is today Eksgården which is one of Öland's best restaurants and hotels.

Day 10

Eksgården Gårdby - Karlevi - Beijershamn - Mörbylånga (bike ride 35 km)

Take the opportunity to enjoy the last day on Öland. Recommends that you take the tour over Karlevi and Beijershamn before ending in Mörbylånga. In Karlevi is Öland's foremost runestone and is considered one of Sweden's most remarkable runestones. Not far from here is Bejiershamn, which is a dilapidated harbor construction project that has become a bird paradise. A total of 250 bird species have been observed here. The bicycles that have been your loyal servants you can then return to Gunnar in Mörbylånga. For five days you have now got to know Sweden's smallest landscape. Fantastic Öland gives the feeling "gone but still close".

1 pc Accommodation Ottenby Hostel incl. bed linen & towel, part in double room (Toilet & shower in corridor)
1 pc Accommodation Mellby Ör Inn incl. bed linen & towel, part in double room (Toilet & shower in corridor)
2 nights Eksgården Hotell & Restaurang, part in a double room
3 nights Gunntorps Herrgård, part in a double room
2 nights Solö Wärdshus, part in a double room
1 1-course dinner excluding drinks, Carla's café
1 barbecue package with local ingredients excluding drinks (Prepared by yourself at the grill) Mellby Ör Inn
2 2-course dinners excluding drinks, Eksgården Hotell & Restaurang
2 1-course dinners excluding drinks, Hamnpuben (Byxelkrok)
1 pc Lunch excluding drinks, Restaurant Fågelblå, Ottenby
9 breakfast buffet
1 Touring bike with 16 gears (from 13 years)
Bring your own helmet for best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons (covid-19)
1 packing bag (double, holds approx. 15 l / pc)
1 pc Cooler bag / 2 pers. (to pack your own provisions on the road)
1 st Map
1 trip description

Cancellation protection SEK 250 / pers.

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