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    SEK 250.00 / St
    Deduction own bike -600 Gotland
    - SEK 600.00 / St
    Luggage transport 1-4 bags 6000
    SEK 6000.00 / St

    Luggage transport 1-4 bags 6000

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    Electric bike 1000
    SEK 1000.00 / St

    Electric bike 1000

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    Single room supplement 2250
    SEK 2250.00 / St

    Single room supplement 2250

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    Slite Strandby *
    Fårögården Bed & Breakfast *
    Lärbro / Grannen Hostel *
    Visby Hyrcykel *
    Best Western Solhem Hotel Visby *


Gotland - in the middle of the Baltic Sea.
Gotland - the land of the boys, is something special. There is something for all tastes, if you like nature and culture, Gotland is a highlight.
The cultural treasure is enormous, many buildings date from Gotland's heyday during the Hanseatic League in the 1100s and 1400s.
Visby is a lovely town to stroll around in. Enjoy charming rose-adorned alleys and beautiful medieval churches and ruins.
For five days you cycle out into the countryside and north to Fårö. Here you meet miles of countryside, fabulous beaches and rauks in all possible and impossible formations. Peaceful, relaxing, different and completely wonderful!


Book the ferry to Gotland from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn via Destination Gotland at: www.destinationgotland.se

Start days:
Mondays - Sundays
June 1 - September 15

Not Bookable 3-7 July (Almedalen Week)


Day 1


Right next to Visby's well-preserved ring wall from the 1200th century is Best Western Solhem Hotell. Here you live centrally with the medieval cobbled streets and the historic buildings just around the corner. At the same time, you can feel the tranquility of beautiful natural surroundings and the proximity of the sea. Use the day to stroll around and breathe in Visby's atmosphere. Find a cozy restaurant and enjoy Gotland specialties such as lamb, saffron pancakes, salmon berries and much more.

Day 2

Visby - Lummelunda Cave - Lärbro (bike ride 66km)

Today begins your cycling adventure! You pick up your bike on Visby rental bike, then just hop on the saddle and pedal north. The journey goes on image-free roads right next to the sea, you cycle along the marked cycle path "Gotlandsleden" to the first stop at Lummelunda Caves. We recommend a guided tour, which takes you 400 million years back in time. Strange fossils and beautiful stalactite formations await here. to see the big water wheel and look around at the old buildings. Then continue the trip north along the Gotlandsleden to today's destination Lärbro. Feel free to cycle to Hall's fishing village on the northern tip well worth the effort. protected harbor and with impressive views from the lighthouse.

Day 3

Lärbro - Fårö cycle ride 50 km

Today's goal is Fårögården. Fårö - The island of light and raukarnas. Follow the Gotlandsleden north, from Bläse you can take the road along the Stone Coast. This part offers Gotland's characteristic wild, rocky and wild pine landscape. There are also cool fishing areas and cozy fishing villages here. Visit the Bläse industrial museum, make a stop for a swim in the Blue Lagoon or just enjoy the sight of the turquoise water in the water-filled limestone quarry. Lodging and dinner await at Fårögården.

Day 4

Fårö (own excursions)

The day is for exciting discoveries and new experiences. On the bicycle saddle, you can now explore this enchanting island with its rugged nature, its rauk areas, beaches and the special light and calm. Cycle the winding roads at a comfortable pace and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Rauk areas well worth a visit are Gamlehamn, Digerhuvud and Langhammars. Take the opportunity to visit Ebbes on Fårö. They sell everything from clothes, shoes, souvenirs and of course sheepskins. Take the bike to Kutens benzin & Creperi Tati, it's a must when you're in Fårö - a real cult spot. If you want to take a dip in the sea, there are several lovely sandy beaches such as Ekeviken, Sudersand, Norsta Auren and Skalasand. Feel free to visit Fårö Lighthouse, which is located in the far east of Fårö. Dinner is also enjoyed tonight at Fårögården.

Day 5

Fårö - Slite (bike ride 43 km)

Today it is time to leave Fårö and cycle on to today's final destination – Slite Strandby. . If you want to discover something very different, you should cycle to Bungenäs. Trendiest destination in Sweden? The sea is present everywhere and next to old buildings, industrial premises and remains from a lime quarry there are lagoon-like bodies of water that change in light green shades. Also take the opportunity to visit the Bunge open-air museum. In Slite Strandby, an overnight stay awaits in cozy glamping tents and a delicious dinner is served at the Strandbar during the evening. You have free access to the pool and sauna, which can be nice after a long day of cycling. Sit down and collect the day's impressions with a peaceful view of the sea and archipelago.

Day 6

Slite -Visby (bike ride 46 km)

After a good sleep and a wonderful breakfast, it's off to Visby again. From Slite Strandby there are three alternative routes to follow to Visby. See attached map. All roads are busy. If you prefer to cycle the same way as day 2 for a while, you should cycle the northern road. Here you walk on the bike path between Lummelunda and Visby. If you feel like it, feel free to take a turn past Roma. Here are i.a. Info-center, Roma monastery ruin, Roma Glassworks with factory sales, Permit Chapel, an Herb Garden and Café. If you cycle past Källunge, they have large strawberry plantations and here you can take the opportunity and make a stop to eat sun-ripened strawberries. You will pass Follingbo and then you can make a stop at Follingbo Garden. The bikes are returned to Visby Hyrcykel. Check in at Hotell Solhem and then stroll around Visby to visit some nice restaurants.

Day 7

Visby (Homecoming)

Last day of your cycling holiday. Enjoy the sea and the promenade or explore something you did not have time for during the previous days in Visby. An ice cream at Glassmagasinet down in the harbor is a popular end to the trip, they have 346 different flavors from 8 different ice cream suppliers. Guteglass, Gotland's own pride is almost a must try when you're on the island. The ferry will then take you back to the mainland. Hope you had a fantastic stay on Gotland together with the Experience Package!

2 Logi Solhem Hotel part in double room
1 accommodation Bed & Breakfast, Lärbro incl. bedding (toilet & shower in corridor) part in double room
2 Logi Fårögården incl. bedding, part in double room
1 Glamping tent, Slite Strandby part in 2-bed
6 breakfast buffet
1 1-course dinner excl. Drink, Lärbro
2 1-course dinner excl. Drink Fårögården
1 1-course dinner excl. Drink, Slite
1 x 7-speed bike incl. bicycle basket (from 8 years)
Bring your own helmet for the best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons
2 Packing bags to hang on the package holder, holds 20 liters / bag.
1 pc Cooler bag / 2 pers. Obtained at Visby Hyrcykel (to pack your own provisions on the road)
1 pc Bicycle map
1 trip description



Cancellation protection / pers. 250 SEK
Single room supplement 2250 SEK
Own bike, deduction -600 SEK
Electric bike 1000 SEK
Luggage transport 1-4 bags, 6000 SEK

Book the ferry to Gotland from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn via Destination Gotland at: www.destinationgotland.se
The car is parked at the ferry terminal in Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn.
Buses to the ferry in Nynäshamn leave from Central Station in Stockholm.