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Start days:
Wednesdays - Saturdays



Start days:
Wednesdays - Saturdays


Day 1

Töreboda & Göta canal, hiking 5-40 km

Start the day by checking in at Pensionat Prästgården. Here you are offered coffee and bun for a joint review of the various hiking trails to choose from. Day one we recommend to take the hike along the Göta Canal as the tour goes almost directly outside the door. Fill your backpack with the good food bag you get with you from the guest house, also take the opportunity to fill your coffee thermos for a warming drink during the day. Go at your own pace and enjoy the tranquility around the Göta Canal. After a nice day in nature, you will come home to your cozy room at Pensionat Prästgården where a welcome basket awaits with good drinks and accessories. In the evening, dinner is served at Mandy`s Diner - an authentic American diner in the middle of Töreboda near the Göta Canal. Rock´n´ role music is played here in a pleasant 50s-60s atmosphere.

Day 2

Hiking Tiveden, Billingen or Kinnekulle

Wake up rested after a good night's sleep and take a flight of stairs down to the nibbling good breakfast buffet. Here you will find everything from yoghurt and filet with homemade granola, rolls and loaves with various toppings and fried bacon with creamy scrambled eggs. Finish breakfast with a treat for the coffee. Pack today's lunch bag in your backpack and fill up the coffee thermos. Today, the idea is that you take your own car to today's hiking destination. We suggest our own favorite trails located around Skaraborg.

Tiveden National Park, 41 km from the Pension and takes approx. 50min by car. Tiveden is a nature reserve and there are a variety of hiking trails. An interesting nature experience with a strong wilderness feeling. Hike among up to 10 meter high boulders that have come here with the ice sheet. There are also beautiful wilderness lakes and exciting caves to discover.

Kinnekulle, 48 km from the Pension and takes about 45 minutes by car. Kinnekulle - The flowering mountain, here you will find many different flowers, trees and plants. In the spring, the unusual ramson grows a bit everywhere on the mountain. Kinnekulle is one of Sweden's plateau mountains with a magnificent nature and consists of five rocks stored on the bedrock. From them, the history of our earth can be read around 540 million years ago. The most visited attraction on Kinnekulle is the large quarry, also called "Little Grand Canyon". In the middle of the quarry there is a small fishing lake and the view from the quarry is magnificent.

Billingen, 44 km from the Pension and takes about 40 minutes by car. Billingen is also a plateau mountain that stretches far. If you want to discover the whole mountain, there is the Billingeleden which is approx. 57km long, but there are also many shorter hikes between 3-10 km. The most visited place on Billingen is Silverfallet, which also belongs to a part of the nature reserve. Here is fantastically beautiful nature and waterfalls that throw themselves over the mountain edge. Some high and dramatic as well as several smaller cases that flow soothingly through nature.

Back at the guest house, there is time for relaxation and something good to drink before dinner is served at Mandy´s Diner.

Day 3


Enjoy a nice breakfast again in the old rectory. Have a nice trip home and welcome back!

2 nights at Pensionat Prästgården, part in a double room (hotel standard)
1 piece of coffee before the hike begins (coffee, bun and cake)
2 pcs Package incl. drinks, sweets and fruit
1 Welcome basket
2 2-course dinners excluding drinks at Mandy´s Diner
2 pcs Breakfast

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