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    Extra night Single room Pensionat Prästgården
    SEK 850.00 / St
    Extra night Double room Pensionat Prästgården
    SEK 1550.00 / St
    SEK 250.00 / St
    Deduction own bike -200
    - SEK 200.00 / St
    Electric bike
    SEK 600.00 / St

    Electric bike

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    Higher living comfort Pensionat Prästgården Double room
    SEK 1000.00 / St

    Higher living comfort Pensionat Prästgården Double room

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    Single room supplement
    SEK 400.00 / St

    Single room supplement Pensionat Prästgården, Golf package Töreboda

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    Gullspångs Dressin *
    Cafe Baltzar Sjötorp *
    Pensionat Prästgården *

Other information

Season: May – October Monday - Sunday


Day 1

Töreboda - Tåtorp - Töreboda (bike ride 34 km)

The cycling holiday begins in Töreboda, which is located in the middle of the Göta canal stretch on the west Göta side. You follow the old towpath along Göta Kanal to Tåtorp by lake Viken. In Tåtorp is Göta Kanal's only hand-cranked lock. Here you can help the lock keeper to lock the boats up and down between the Göta canal and lake Viken. On the tour, you will pass the beautiful Lanthöjden, which is a small island in the narrowest part of the Göta canal. An obelisk was erected here in the 1820s which shows that this is Göta Kanal's highest point of land at 91,5 meters above sea level. Find a nice relaxing spot and eat your packed lunch that you were given at the start. When you get wind of it, the bike ride goes back to Töreboda. You stay at the cozy Pensionat Prästgården in Töreboda and dinners are served at Prästgården's Garden Cafe. Enjoy in the lovely garden or, if the weather does not permit, settle down in the familiar restaurant.

Day 2

Töreboda - Sjötorp - Töreboda (bike ride 40 km)

Today the tour continues towards Sjötorp. You pedal along the Göta canal past 16 locks to Sjötorp by Lake Vänern. In Sjötorp, lunch is served at Café Baltzar by the harbor basin. To find out a little more about how the canal was built, you get entry to the canal museum, which is located by Sjötorp's harbour. When the spirit falls, the bike ride turns back towards Töreboda, where dinner and an overnight stay await at Pensionat Prästgården.

Day 3

Töreboda - Gullspång (Dressin)

Today you end the holiday with an adventurous ride on the dressage along the rails along the Gullspångsälven river. Between Töreboda and Gullspång it is about 40 km and takes about 1 hour by car. You get a tasty lunch package, look for a cozy place in the woods or along the river and enjoy. You choose how long and how far you want to step on the dressage. You can choose between two sections: - The Torvedsbanan runs south along the Gullspångsälven river and is a 20 km long easy road. - Otterbäcksbanan is about 40 km long and goes north with the terminus in Degerfors. If you do not want to cycle that far, you can turn the dressage over and cycle back whenever you wish. Man tramples about 10 km per hour. Dress riding is suitable for everyone, young and old! You ride two on each dressage, one who pedals and one who sits on a bench next to him. It is also possible to have two adults and one child per dressage. Take the opportunity to geocach when you cycle along the rails, there are plenty of caches laid out on both tracks. Torvedsbanan The first kilometer out of Gullspång you meet on the only uphill on the entire course! However, you are richly rewarded when you get up and arrive at the beautiful Gullspångsälven. The course is drawn right at the river bank and after another couple of kilometers you reach the first rest area at the bathing place in Skagersvik. Here you have the opportunity for a bath, barbecue or a toilet visit. The course then continues along a small bay of Lake Skagern past the community which is aptly named Skagersvik! On the other side of the bay is Ribbingsfors manor where the author Frans G Bengtsson lived the last part of his life. He is buried in Gullspång and there is also a memorial library. At Ribbingsfors Herrgård there is now a beautiful 9-hole golf course with a restaurant. Across the meadows, the track then continues towards Midskog station. This is about halfway and here is a rest area and toilet. The old station is preserved. Through a varied landscape, the track then goes to the terminus Torved. There is also a rest area here, which may be necessary before setting off back to Gullspång. Otterbäcksbanan On the way out of Gullspång you step on the old railway bridge over Gullspångsälven. You pass Laxtrappan, which was built in the old rapids, so that Gullspångslaxen can walk up and spawn. The tour then continues past Löksta farm and with the country road between us and Gullspångsälven, the track crosses the border from Västergötland to Värmland. About 13 km from Gullspång is Värmlands Säby Herrgård. After a couple of kilometers is Konsterud. There is a rest area here. Through the primeval forest, the track continues to Nysund. This is the highest point on the course. Here is the old water horse left from the steam locomotive era and also an old guard house. The journey continues over Stormossen, a beautiful wilderness resting place at Mosstorp (approx. 30km from Gullspång). Past the artificial Håkanbolsjön through very beautiful nature, you pass Mobråten's and Älgåsen's guard cabins and after Högbergs station and Högbergskärret you arrive at the terminus in Ängebäck, a couple of kilometers outside Degerfors center.

2 overnight stays at Pensionat Prästgården in Töreboda, part in double room (Hotel standard)
1 Lunch Café Baltzar
2 lunch packages Pensionat Prästgården
2 1-course dinner excluding drinks, Prästgårdens Trädgårdscafé
2 breakfast buffet
1 entrance to the Göta Canal Museum in Sjötorp
1 pc Bicycle 7-speed incl. bicycle basket (from 8 years)
Bring your own helmet for the best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons
1 pc Dressin / 2 people
1 pc Cooler bag / 2 pers.
1 st Map
1 trip description
Bicycle service applies to rented bicycles


Cancellation protection / pers. 250 SEK
Single room supplement 400 SEK
Deduction own bike - 200 SEK
Extra night Pensionat Prästgården double room 1550 SEK
Extra night Pensionat Prästgården single room 1050 SEK

It is easy to take the train to Töreboda. The western main line between Gothenburg-Stockholm passes Töreboda with several stops here.
Walking distance about 500 meters from the Railway Station to Pensionat Prästgården where the starting point for the cycling holiday is.

By car: From Gothenburg about 20 km, estimated to take about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Road E20 and from Mariestad highway 202.
From Stockholm about 30 km, estimated to take about 3 hours and 15 minutes. Road E18 / E20 and from Hova highway 200.

You park the car at your place of residence. If you stay at a B&B you park next to it, if you stay at Pensionat Prästgården you park in their car park.
Free parking.

We recommend that you start the bike ride between 10-12. If you have a long way to travel, feel free to book an extra night.