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Our Destinations

Our company, ”Upplevelsepaket”, continuously strives to explore and offer new exciting destinations for you to experience. Today our geographic area is the northern and southern parts of Västergötland, the central part of Östergötland along Göta Kanal, Dalarna around the beautiful lake Siljan, along Dalslands Kanal and on the islands of Gotland and Öland.

Why not try our new destination in the neighborhood of Ulricehamn or our bicycle packages at the forever sunny island Gotland. In all places you will always experience a lot of things, enjoy the food and nice accommodation in fantastic surroundings.


Österlen offers the most of the best: the light over the sea, its varied nature and its picturesque fishing villages. You can choose between peace and harmony or myriads of people. There are not many steps from rough mountains to soft and generous sand beaches or meadows of junipers and woolly pasque flowers.

You can also take a look at rock arts, whitened churches with so called trap stone gables from the Danish era, industry ruins from the 17th century and medieval castles. Österlen has a multicolored and fascinating history well worth a visit.