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Urban och YvonneAddress:

Prästgården i Töreboda 
Nygatan 2 
545 32 Töreboda 

Tel: +46(0)506-125 00 

Who are we?

The company “AB Resespecialisten Utmed Göta Kanal” was founded in 1990 by the siblings Urban Brånfelt and Yvonne Brånfelt, but then it had another name: “AB Brånis Sport”. The company then sold products for sports and leisure time.

In year 2000 we started in the travel business with bicycle packages along Göta Kanal. Since then we have broaden our offers of travels and experiences in several parts of Sweden including accommodation and food in our own premises, Pensionat Prästgården in Töreboda and at Jonsboda Camping along Göta Kanal.

Our idea of business is to promote and sell packages of experience where quality and service are the best rate and the only total concept for real relaxing in the Swedish nature for our customers. Our packages of experience are filled with activities like bicycling, canoeing, boat trips and golfing.

We are seated in Töreboda at the Göta Kanal in northern Västergötland, around 15 kms east of Mariestad or approximately 40 kms north of Skövde. Töreboda is situated along Sweden’s biggest railway and has many daily departures both to and from Stockholm, Göteborg, Skövde and Jönköping.

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