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Cycling holiday in Österlen

Österlen is a unique combination of interesting culture and beautiful nature. No wonder so many artists have been attracted here over the years. Holidays in Österlen offer a lot to see and experience and are often referred to as Sweden's pantry with all its cozy restaurants and cafés.

Österlen is surrounded by a white strip of coastline and is filled with orchards, galleries, flea markets and cafés. A visit to Österlen guarantees beauty and relaxation for a long time to come. Hike over flowering hills and experience the famous apple orchards when you are on holiday in Österlen.

Simrishamn, which is unofficially called the capital of Österlen, dates back as far as the 1100th century. Here the houses are picturesque and pastel colored with beautiful carved doors. On the beach Sandhammaren, the sand is as white as the islands in the Caribbean, perfect for sunbathing and swimming during summer days. 

Österlen - An important part of Sweden

In addition to being a fantastically beautiful place, perhaps the most beautiful in Sweden, Österlen is also an important part of our elongated country. Österlen is usually called Sweden's barley shed as a large part of our domestic production of barley, rapeseed and wheat takes place here. Without the rolling wheat and rapeseed fields here, we would need to import much more grain to meet our needs.

Bicycle package Österlen

What is there to experience when you have booked a bicycle package at Österlen? Almost any amount! Österlen has most things and there is an incredible amount to see and experience when cycling on Österlen. From the apple orchards in Kivik to flea markets and miles of beaches. If you like going to the flea market, this is the place to go. In Österlen you will find a flea market in almost every community and there are flea markets that offer everything from 50's kitsch, folk, books, furniture, interior design to ornaments and much more.

There are many small gravel roads that meander through the rapeseed fields and when you cycle here it feels like you have entered another time or another world surrounded by yellow rolling fields, blue sky, sun and the smell of sea.

You can with advantage cycle along the sea, soak up the landscape and make small stops by the road and maybe have a coffee by a beach and look out over the sea. Cycling on Österlen is like a lisa for the soul and in the nearest community you will always find a café or a restaurant that offers good food and drink. You can also cycle in the woods and on the ground, although the region is best known for its rolling rapeseed fields.

A tip is to cycle to Kåseberga and further down to the harbor. There you will find several restaurants serving good food and you can also visit Ale stones when you are here. Ale rocks are a powerful place and a tip is to visit the place late at night and watch the sunset over the sea and feel the wings of history. Ale stones date from the 600th century, but during excavations, fireplaces have been found that are over 5 years old.

Summer in Sweden is a wonderful time and especially in Skåne due to its geographical location. Visiting this part of the country in the summer is like going abroad and there are few places in Sweden that are better suited for a bike ride.

If you like art and culture, you will get your fill here, the region is full of artists, photographers, potters and other artisans. Cultural personalities such as Björn Ranelid and Ulf Lundell also live here.

If you like farming, there is a lot for you to discover on your cycling holiday, the region is full of flower shops, plantations, nurseries and the like.

When you choose one of our bicycle packages, you get to experience one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. Our bike packages include hotel, breakfast and dinner, map with directions and bike rental.

Bicycle package Österlen