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Holidays in Dalarna

Holiday in Sweden and discover the beautiful Dalarna with its nature, culture and craft traditions. The many lakes invite to fishing and a rich wildlife. The Siljansnäs nature reserve includes bears, lynx, eagles and wolves. Experience Dalarna by bike and at sea with us on the Experience Package.

Holidays in Dalarna give you the opportunity to see and discover many gold nuggets that the landscape offers. Among other things, it is possible to see a 50-kilometer crater called the Siljan Ring. 365 million years ago, a meteorite crashed straight into the ground and created the astonishing crater. Some other nice tourist destinations in the area are Leksand, Mora, Rättvik and Orsa. Fantastic experiences and memories are promised after a holiday in Dalsland with Experience Packages.

Places and sights in Dalarna

Dalarna is a magical place with beautiful and magnificent nature and has a lot to offer in all seasons.

During the winter season, Kläppen and Sälen are popular destinations for everyone who loves skiing. Both resorts offer large and fine ski facilities with ski slopes suitable for everyone regardless of level.

However, Dalarna has much more to offer than downhill skiing.

Here you can experience magnificent nature, museums, culture and much more.

The Wrath Museum

When you are on holiday in the valleys, you can visit the Zorn Museum to see many of the paintings and drawings that the artist Anders Zorn painted during his lifetime.


Zorngården was the home of Anders and Emma Zorn and was completed in 1910. The farm is an experience in itself and bears clear traces of the spouses Zorn's interest in art and the Arts & Crafts movement. Zorngården is a place that is well worth a visit if you are interested in Swedish cultural history.

The Carl Larsson farm

In the village of Sundborn (just outside Falun) you will find the Carl Larsson farm. Where the artists Carl and Karin Larsson lived. If you are a Carl Larsson connoisseur, you will recognize many of the rooms in the house that can be found in his paintings.

Hamra National Park

The valleys are full of beautiful nature and if you like nature experiences, a visit to Hamra National Park is something we can recommend, here you can hike in marshland, experience waterfalls and ancient primeval forest.

The Big Cliff and Hell's Fall

North of Orsa you will find Storstupet and Helvetesfallet, two magnificent places where you can experience both roaring rapids and mighty waterfalls.

Falu copper mine

Falu copper mine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of 15 World Heritage Sites that we have in Sweden. The copper mine has had an important part in Sweden's history and has been a decisive factor in financing the building of Sweden as a great power which lasted between 1611-1718.

Here you can take guided tours down into the mine, where you get to experience the feeling of what it was like to work far below ground.

The world's largest valley horse

If there is something that you associate with Dalarna, it is the famous Dalarna horses. You can see Dala horses everywhere in Dalarna, but it is only in Avesta that you can view the world's largest Dala horse, which weighs in at a solid 66,7 tons.

Dala horse production

Do you want to visit the place where the dala horses are made? Then you should go to Nusnäs, a small village located by Siljan. Here there are no less than two factories that manufacture Dala horses.

Dalarna has something for everyone

As I said, there is a lot to do on your holiday in Dalarna and it is a place that is suitable for the whole family. Some of the places you can visit during your visit are Mora, Borlänge, Orsa, Falun, Sundborn and more.

Below is a list of more places that are all well worth a visit regardless of whether you are looking for activities, experiences, sights or nature:

  • Dalhalla
  • The Vasalop portal in Mora
  • Gesundaberget
  • Santa's land in Mora
  • Orsa Predator Park
  • Fryksås Fäbodar
  • Laknäs bridge
  • Tällberg – the whole village
  • Långbryggan in Rättvik
  • Limsjön in play sand
  • Spring source
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