Experience Åland

It may not be the first thing you will think of when you imagine a trip in the Nordics, but Åland, which is only a two-hour boat trip from Sweden, has a lot to offer. The 6700 islands that Åland consists of have a wonderful mix of both activity & relaxation, rocky beaches & lush groves and is actually the most sun-safe place you can visit in the Nordics during the summer period May-August.

No matter what time you choose to visit Åland, you will be greeted by the charm of the season. In June, the islands are in bloom and the apple orchards are in full swing, and Midsummer is also celebrated, which is one of the most celebrated holidays here. If you instead choose to go in August, you can look forward to the best bathing temperatures and a rich range of events.

There is something for everyone - plenty of history to see and partake of, many beaches for the whole family, cycle paths in varied nature where you can easily get between different islands with the help of archipelago ferries, genuine farms and small producers for unique taste experiences.

Welcome to visit Åland with us!

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