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7-days biking around lake Siljan

ID DS7 | Dalarna Siljan



Experience Lake Siljan by cycling around the lake. You will discover the wonderful nature and the special Swedish archetektur. You will visit Rättvik with its famous wooden pier that extends about 625 meters into the lake Siljan. This bike package will take you to Tällberg, this village is known for its pretty woodenhouses. You will even visit Leksand beautifully situated along the shore of Lake Siljan. A real ”Aha”-experience is Fryksås with the nature, view over Lake Orsa and especially the gastronomic cuisine. Finally you arrive in Mora with its classic Zorn museum and the Vasalopps museum.

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6 Hotel accommodations
6 Breakfast Buffets
4 Dinners
2 Gourmet dinners at Fryksås
1 Lunchparcel
1 7-gear Bike (from 13 years)
1 Map
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Package description


Package description

Day 1 Mora – Rättvik (50km )
Siljans Bicycle tour starts in Mora where you pick up your bikes and start the trip against Nusnäs. We recommend you take a break at Nusnäs and look at the producing of Dala horses. The trip goes along lake Siljan . When you come to Rättvik you must take a walk on the world-famous bridge " Long Bridge " that stretches all 625 meters into the Siljan . You check in at the Hotel Lerdalshöjden with splendid views of Lake Siljan. Here you will be served dinner and spend the night here. Hotel Lerdalshöjden is known for its good food

Day 2 Rättvik- Tällberg - Leksand (25 km)
After the breakfast buffet you start cycling against Leksand. Before you will arrive to Leksand you will cycle through Tällberg which is a wonderfully located village along Lake Siljan. Here are all the buildings and houses built of wood and most are timber houses. When you arrive to Leksand, you will check in to the Pensionat Korstäppan. Here you will be invited to a dinner in the beautiful house or garden.

Day 3 Leksand - Sollerön - Mora  (60 km)
Today you will cycle on to the sunny Sollerön and back to Mora. This is where the sun shines most days along Siljan, that is why this island gotten the name Sollerön. You will bike up and down in the beautiful nature around lake Siljan. Continue your cycling holiday to Mora and maybe visist a museum for example: Zorn or Vasalopps museum. Dinner is served in the evening.
Are you a little tenderness in the body you can take the opportunity to enjoy the Mora hotel & spa.

Day 4 Mora - Orsa ( Fryksås ) 40 km 
After breakfast it is time to bike against Orsa and along lake Orsa. Today it is rather tuff biking, you will pass Orsa and further to Fryksås. The final 10 kilometers can be a bit tuff but it is really worth it. You are going to a place that is an “Aha” experience. Fryksås Hotel and Gestgiveri is not only highly situated with a breathtaking view - it is also a gastronomic highlight. The environment and the atmosphere is unique and the service the best. Outside the corner there are a fantastic nature, just relax and enjoy.

Many of the buildings in the environment is from the 1500s century. Even today there are more than 150 timber buildings from this century in Fryksås, all together create a unique view and atmosphere. You will be served a gourmet 3-course dinner in the evening with extended view over Lake Orsa.

Day 5 Fryksås (Enjoy )
Enjoy your breakfast . Today, you can take a ride on your bicycle to the Bear Park located right near your hotel. If you do not want this, take the opportunity to just walk or bike around in the wonderful nature. 
The restaurant is well known for its excellent cuisine . We offer you a gourmet experience with influence from the forest and the neighborhood.
Enjoy something from their menu during you will relax in the beautifully painted dining room , while you have a unique and grand views of Lake Orsa.

Day 6 Orsa - Mora 40 km
When you have eaten the breakfast buffet and gotten your lunch package you will start your biking trip back to Mora.
Today you will bike the other side of lake Orsa back to Mora.
You will follow Siljansleden to Mora. When you arrive to Mora, check in at the Mora Hotel & spa. Here you will have dinner and accommodation for the night. Are you a little tenderness in the body you can take the opportunity to enjoy the spa .

Day 7 Mora
After breakfast it is time to check out and discover other parts of Sweden.




Seasons Adult 8–12 years 2–7 years
1 May – 31 Aug
11100 SEK 10100 SEK 5900 SEK
Addons Price
Cancellation insurance 200 SEK
Singleroom addition 3000 SEK
Extra night Mora Hotell & spa, Double room 1700 SEK
Extra night Mora Hotell & spa, single room 1650 SEK
Luggage transport 1-4 bags 4500 SEK
Electric Bike 1800 SEK