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Entire Gotland with Fårö and Hoburgen

ID GD9 | Gotland



Round Gotland with Fårö and Hoburgen- a biking adventure. All over the island Gotland on a bike with a lot of history and culture but also chances to bath. Starts and ends with nights in Visby.

Start Days

All days


10 accommodations, sheets and towels, 10 breakfasts, 9 lunch parcels, 8 dinners, bicycle incl.pannier (from 8 year), map, route description, cool bag Notice please! There are no dinners in Visby included.

Package description

Day 1                                                Visby
Just outside the Visby Ring Wall the "Best Western Solhem hotell" is situated. You'll find the hotel at Solhemsgatan around 400 mtrs from the harbour, beautifully situated in the Pallisad Park. When you feel like, you can take a look around the town. Perhaps you'll find a cosy restaurant where you want to enjoy your evening meal.

Day 2 (27 kms)                                  Visby-Lärbro
After a good night's sleep and a nice breakfast the adventure starts. Don't forget your lunch-parcels in the reception. Today you'll start to biking north along the sea and after 1.5 hours,  you will reach theLummelunda Caves. There are guided tours every hour that are very interesting. On your way to the cave we recommend a visit at Krysmyntagården - a herb-garden with a shop and a café. You keep on towards Lärbro Youth Hostel where dinner and a comfortable bed are waiting.

Day 3 (50 kms)                                  Lärbro- Fårö
The goal of today is Fårö and on your way you'll be biking just along the sea on some roads. On your way you'll pass the lake with the turquoise blue water, called "the blue lagoon".  You will bike towards the ferry berth where a ferry will take you over to Fårö. At Sudersands Semesterby is dinner waiting and you'll spend two nights here.

Day 4 (rest)                                       Fårö
Today you get your lunch-parcels and discover the island. We recommend you to visit any of the rauk areas like Gamlehamn, Digerhuvud and Langhammars. Take a bath in Ekeviken and take your time to discover the very north of the island to see Fårö light house.

Day 5 (63 kms)                                   Fårö-Åminne
After a day on Fårö it's time to take the ferry back and bike south, towards Åminne. Don't forget your lunch-parcels before you leave. In Åminne dinner is waiting and a cottage for the night.

Day 6 (56 kms)                                  Åminne-Ljugarn
After breakfast you'll keep on biking south on a somewhat bigger roads and then very small ones just along the water. You'll bike around the cape at Katthammarsvik and keep on towards the ancient monument " Ardre Ödekyrka"' where you turn towards Ljugarn Golf-course and in a moment you've arrived to Pensionat Lövängen where you'll spend the night. A nice dinner is awaiting you.

Day 7 (66 kms)                                  Ljugarn-Holmhällar
This day you will bike further south to Holmhällar. You'll be passing churches and farm houses at the beautiful countryside before you reach Holmhällar Pensionat where a dinner and a bed is waiting.

Day 8                                               Hoburgen
This day you just enjoy a beautiful day in the south of Gotland. You'll get your lunch-parcels and can do what you want. Of course you will want to bike to the south of the island to Hoburgen. You will return to Holmhällar Pensionat for the night.

Day 9 (70 kms)                                Holmhällar-Hejdebo
This day you bike north, through a nature reservate just by the sea. A good dinner and a bed are waiting in Hejdebo. 

Day 10 (33 kms)                              Hejdebo-Visby 
The last biking-day you head strait north back to Visby. On your way you will have time to stop for a bath at the beautiful Tofta Strand and perhaps play adventure golf (mini-golf) in Kneipbyn. Back in Visby you will return your bikes and have a nice evening.  

Day 11                                              Visby 
We hope you've got a tasteful breakfast and a lovely stay in Gotland. While you're waiting for your ferry home, you will probably get time go shopping in the stores.



Seasons Adult 8–12 years 2–7 years
1 May – 30 Sep
14200 SEK 11700 SEK 8000 SEK
Addons Price
Singelrrom 4000 SEK
Solhem Hotel, Extra night Solhem, part in a double room 850 SEK
Strand Hotel 975 SEK
Solhen Hotel Extra night 1400 SEK
Strand Hotel Extra night 1650 SEK
Addition Strand Hotell Gotland 900 SEK
Cancellation insurance 200 SEK
Own cycle -800 SEK
El-cykel 1100 SEK

Gotland is Swedens biggest Island (3140 km ²) with almost 800 km coast. The history goes way back in time as you can see in Visby with it's cobbled streets and ruins of churches. The island is flat and you see the coust fairly often. With ca:2000 hours of sun and lovely beaches Gotland is an excellent tourist destination even for you who's not interestad in culture and history.

If you wish to stay for an extra night in Visby you just have to book. 

Book the ferry at Destination Gotland, Tel.0771-22 33 00