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Go by boat and ride a bike along Gota Canal-starts Wednesdays

ID VGT6 | Göta Kanal, Västergötland

boat and bike


Enjoy a two-day trip along Göta Canal by boat and bike, staying in carefully selected accommodation with a great reputation. This year, we can offer Pensionat Prästgården with newly renovated hotel rooms fit for a mansion. You will experience a 200-year-old construction in modern times. If you want to relax, this is the package for you. The passenger boat will carry you through some marvellous natural experiences that will rival anything you’ve ever seen. With boat and bike along Göta Canal. A great package for the family on car-free roads. Starting and ending in Töreboda.

Start Days



1 Night’s hotel accommodation
1 Breakfast
2 Lunches
1 Two-course dinner (excl beverage)
1 Boat cruise
1 Bus transfer
1 Entrance to the Göta Canal museum
1 Bike-map
1 Route Description
1 Bike 3 gears with basket and helmet (from 8 years)
includes bike-services

Package description


Dag 1 Töreboda - Karlsborg - Töreboda

5-hours boat cruise

We meet at the quay in front of the Töreboda Railway Station, where passenger boat M/S Sandön is ready for departure towards Karlsborg. M/S Sandön departs at 10am and we recommend arriving 30 minutes before departure. On board, you will enjoy a lovely lunch and views.  The captain will guide you through the places you pass on your way to Karlsborg, including the stunning rock canal. You will arrive in Karlsborg at 2.30pm, and travel by bus back to Töreboda, a journey of about 50 minutes.
You check in at Pensionat Prästgården in Töreboda and a two-course dinner will be served at an restaurant in the neigbourhood.


Day 2    Töreboda-Sjötorp-Töreboda (40 km)

(40 km cycling)
Your cycling experience starts in Töreboda - perfect for those arriving by train. From here, the cycling follows roads free of cars along Göta Canal. You will pass 19 locks on your way to the first stop of the tour, Sjötorp, your lunch will be served at Café Baltzar. To learn more about the history of the canal, visit the Canal Museum, entrence is included in your package. Then you hop on your bike and head back to Töreboda. Enjoy the tour along Göta Canal.

Do you have to travel far?
To avoid stress, why not book an extra night at Pensionat Prästgården? You will be relaxed and ready to really enjoy the day on Göta Canal on board M/S Sandön.


Seasons Adult 8–12 years 2–7 years
13 Jun – 15 Aug
2950 SEK 1800 SEK 950 SEK
Addons Price
Singlerom addition 400 SEK
Extra night Pensionat Prästgården/person 700 SEK
Own Bike -200 SEK
Cancellation insurance 200 SEK
Extra night singleroom/person 900 SEK

Göta Canal is one of the most exciting constructions in Sweden. It took 22 years to complete the canal, which was inaugurated on September 26, 1832. Its western section, between Sjötorp by Lake Vänern and Karlsborg by Lake Vättern, has 21 locks, is 65.3 km long and passes through beautiful Lake Viken.

Experience the relaxing pace along Göta Canal on a bike. The canal is lined by large leafy trees and winds through forests and open landscapes. The cycling route runs along the banks of the canal, on the old towpath, which is free of cars and has virtually no hills. The path ascends by some locks. Welcome to a part of our Swedish history!


It’s easy to catch the train to Töreboda!
Walking distance to Pensionat Prästgården is approximately 400 metres.