Plan your vacation!

With a bowl of porridge in my lap, I hear the rain pattering against the window and the paltry plus degrees reinforce the feeling that we are still in the harsh grip of winter. But, in the silence that almost feels a little holy when the child is sleeping, something is suddenly heard - a little spring bird calls out hello outside the window! Looking out, I see how the colorful crocuses fight valiantly under heavy drops of water in the otherwise colorless flower beds. Our! After all, it's heading towards spring!

I suspect that there are many people with me who long, who dream away and who have started planning. Longing for the sun's warming rays on a late June evening, dreaming of salt spray and sand between your toes and planning one of the highlights of the year – the long-awaited holiday! So how do you get that holiday feeling we want so badly?

  1. Lower the requirements! A holiday does not have to be grand with a busy schedule and constant impressions. Enjoy the little golden moments!
  2. Planning is key! Make a good plan, make sure to divide the time appropriately based on yourself between activity and recovery.
  3. Be flexible! Of course we wish for warm sun rays, a sun-kissed cheek and thin clothes, but let's be honest - many summer days in Sweden mean rain, light winds and thick sweaters. Sometimes it might be better to think again and visit an exhibition or a museum if the weather is too much of a problem.
  4. Put down the phone! We like to immortalize experiences in film and photos and that is absolutely right! Being able to go back and remember the glorious days will be gilded for many years to come. But ignore what everyone else is doing, fixing with, eating or bragging about. Being in the here and now and focusing on what's in front of you will help you relax. So put the phone away, log out of social media and live in reality!
  5. Pack smart! 'I'll bring that, and maybe that.. and that shirt goes with those trousers'. It's easy to pack way too much. Do you recognize yourself? Write a list and think through your packing well in advance! It will not least make it easier when you get home again and have to unpack everything..

An experience package is a great way to holiday and we have well-chosen destinations to explore either by bike, boat or on foot. The trip is already planned and you don't have to think about booking accommodation along the way. Take breaks when it suits you, eat packed lunches outside and enjoy the experience here and now! An active calm is my best tip for a successful holiday.

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