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Choose a trip from our selection. Once you have found your destination, complete the following steps to finish your booking by selecting your preferred payment method.

Confirmation & payment

Choose between making a partial payment or paying everything directly. The money is reserved in your account until you have received a booking confirmation from us.

Packed & ready

The remaining balance must be paid no later than 30 days before scheduled departure. Vouchers that apply to hotel rooms and other activities during the trip will be sent to you via email.



Can I book by phone?


You call and book by phone +0506 - 125 00. We register your booking and then send you a confirmation via email.


By paying 30% of the package price, you confirm the booking within 7 days.


The remaining sum must be paid no later than 30 days before scheduled departure. Once the remainder has been paid, we will send you your voucher. The voucher must be presented at your destinations; it is valid as payment for your hotel room and activities in your trip as well as other events depending on what you have booked.

The voucher must be included and is valid as payment for your hotel room, your activity or similar depending on what you have booked.

What methods of payment are available if I book at the last minute?

In case of a late booking, between 0 and 31 days before the date of scheduled departure, the full amount must be paid at the time of booking.

When do I have to pay for my trip?

You can choose to pay for your trip via Bankgiro, Swish or via your account which you can find via the menu above. It is important that you take note of the information below.

Online: Pay via your account, under payment solution you can choose Bankgiro, Swish or Stripe payment exchange. Experience package has the payment solution at Stripe payment exchange, which means that no credit card numbers are processed or stored in the Experience package system. All information about the transactions is obtained in encrypted form. As a result, we follow the credit card companies' regulations (PCI DSS), which is a requirement for us to receive payment by credit card.
Everything for your safety when paying via Experience Package.

Pay by bank transfer: You pay by bank transfer 5705-9065 AB Resespecialisten along Göta kanal. Remember to state your booking number. Keep in mind that it takes three banking days before the money is received by the Experience Package.

Swish: Swish: It is also possible to pay via Swish to 123 345 39 90

Payment from abroad:
IBAN: SE39 8000 0829 9090 4407 4962

NOTE! When there are 10 days or less left until your departure, it is not possible to pay by bank transfer.

Do you offer cancellation protection?

If the traveller has purchased the option for cancellation insurance, that traveller has the right to cancel their trip with no further costs other than the cancellation insurance of 250 SEK/person and an administrative fee of 250 SEK/person.
However, one of the following scenarios must be in effect (with appropriate documentation upon request):
The traveller or the traveller’s spouse/partner is suffering from a serious illness, worsening illness, or serious accident. This event must be of such a nature that the traveller is placed in a condition that they cannot reasonably complete the scheduled journey. These conditions may also apply to the traveller’s and the traveller’s spouse’s/partner’s direct relatives (parents, children, siblings). These conditions also apply to individuals with whom the traveller jointly booked their trip.

Or if another event affects the traveller that is of such an unduly intrusive nature that it would not be reasonable to require the traveller to complete their trip. The traveller must not have been able to control the occurrence of the incident. An example of an unduly intrusive event would be a fire in one’s home, for instance.

The traveller must cancel their trip as soon as possible after the reason for their cancellation has arisen. The basis for cancellation must be reliably substantiated with a medical and/or kinship certificate. The certificate must be received by us no later than 7 days after notification of cancellation. After this time (pending approval), the amount will be refunded to the traveller without further delay.

A medical certificate must contain the following information:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Date of first examination/treatment
  3. Date of the examination/treatment on which the doctor's advice regarding travel is based.

The doctor's certificate must also state the doctor's business address and telephone number. It must also include the name of the doctor affixed by a stamp.

What happens in the event of a cancellation?

1   The traveller has the right to change the arrangements of their trip if the organizer allows such modifications. Changes to the trip may incur additional costs for the traveller from the organizer.

2   The traveller has the right to cancel their trip. The organizer reserves the right to request compensation from the traveller for costs that the organizer incurs as a result of the cancellation.

The organizer is permitted to set reasonable cancellation fees based on the time of cancellation.

2.1 If canceled earlier than 40 days before departure, the traveler must pay a cancellation fee of 500 SEK / person if the price of the trip is 1000 - 4000 SEK / person. The cancellation fee is 1000 SEK / person if the trip price is 4001-20000 SEK / person. If you have previously paid more than the cancellation fee, this will be refunded.

2.2 If canceled 40–31 days before scheduled departure, the traveller must pay 40% of the trip price.

2.3 If cancellation occurs 30–15 days before scheduled departure, the traveller must pay 60% of the trip price.

2.4 If the cancellation occurs 14–0 days before scheduled departure, the traveller must pay the entire price of the trip.

2.5 If there is no cancellation requested and/or if the traveller does not show up at the given time and location (or if he or she is unable to participate in or complete the trip), Upplevelsepaket has the right to charge the price of the entire trip.

2.6 Cancellation of the trip must be made immediately when an obstacle to travel arises. Cancellation must be made in writing to The message must contain your booking number; without this booking number the cancellation request will be automatically invalid. The cancellation request is considered to have taken place at the time when Upplevelsepaket has received the email. and contain booking number to be considered valid. The cancellation is considered to have taken place when the Experience Package has received an email.

2.7 Upplevelsepaket must refund the amount stipulated in accordance with the cancellation terms that the traveller selected in their order. This amount must be credited no later than 14 days after an approved cancellation. Refunds will be issued to the main traveller.

2.8 The price of the trip does not include cancellation protection. When booking a trip, a traveller may pay a special fee for cancellation insurance in addition to the normal travel price. This fee is 250 SEK/person. The cancellation must be purchased at the same time as the trip; it cannot be purchased after the order is completed.

What does the travel guarantee contain?

We have a travel guarantee so with us you are safe! The travel guarantee is a protection for you and means that you can apply for compensation if your trip is canceled or canceled, usually due to the travel company going bankrupt. Contact the Travel Guarantee Board for more information on tel. +08-700 08 00.



Cycling holiday around Lake Siljan

Experience Dalarna and Siljan from the bike saddle! The cycling holiday takes place in beautiful summer Dalarna at its best. The donut places you visit on the tour are Nusnäs with Dalahäst manufacturing and Rättvik with its famous wooden jetty that stretches about 600 meters out into Siljan.

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Cycling holiday with Visby in focus

Feel at home yet far away. Wonderful to cycle near Visby, around the wall, enjoy the sea and the beach promenade. In addition, Visby is the perfect starting point for a slightly longer day trip

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Göta Kanal & Fortress of Karlsborg

In this package you get some of Sweden's most visited destinations. Läckö on Kållandsö in Lidköping, Göta Canal - Sweden's largest building and Karlsborg Fortress.

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