Dalarna – more than just wooden horses

A landscape with everything from fertile land and lakes in the south to mountains and rapids in the north - the only thing missing to be a complete 'Sweden in miniature' is a bit of coastal scenery. But do you miss it? No, Dalarna offers so much that it's enough and it's over. The landscape of Dalarna, which on the surface is as big as the whole of Belgium, will not leave you untouched.

In addition to its magnificent nature, Dalarna is also known for its history of arts and crafts, and we recommend that you visit some of the gems - such as the Zorn Museum, the Carl Larsson farm, the production of Dalahästar as well as Storstupet and Helvetesfallet. There are excursion destinations to suit the whole family and the experience will create memories to look back on forever.

You may have sat in a ski lift, fully furled but still frozen, looking out over the heights. How about experiencing the view in full greenery and floral splendor? In warming sunshine and with warm winds against your cheek? The valleys during the summer are a natural experience and the surroundings around Siljan are fantastic to cycle in. If you also want to enjoy these surroundings from the lake side, you can combine your cycling holiday with a day cruise with M/S Gustaf Wasa that takes you around Siljan. Read more about our different experience packages to Dalarna here!